Episode 03: What a Decade!

Welcome to Total Domination Episode 03! We would like to thank everyone who has listened so far and have started downloading us on iTunes. We would also like to welcome any new listeners to the podcast and encourage everyone to send us emails and leave us a review on iTunes. Once again we would like to thank Steve Swanson over at The MuppetCast. If you like Muppets and things related to Jim Henson, then I suggest visiting Steve at www.muppetcast.com.

This week in news we discuss Don Cheadle replacing Terrance Howard in Iron Man 2, how Beverly Hills Chihuahua continues to dominate, Kevin Smith’s new space comedy, and sadly Paul W.S. Anderson writing Resident Evil 4.

The main topic of this week’s Total Domination is our very own Top 5 Movies of the Decade! This one went a little longer than planned, but we did each pick 5 movies to talk about. Some of the movies on each of our lists were similar, most were not. If you agree with our lists let us know, if you disagree with our lists let us know. It is also to be noted that 100% for sure next week we will bring back the Movie of the Week!

Once again if you have any questions or comments for us, please send them to xtotaldominationx@gmail.com

If you use iTunes, please subscribe to us on there and leave us a review.

You can also download the episode right here —

See you next time here on Total Domination!!


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