Episode 06: All Monsters Attack?

dino-jesusSalutations and Welcome to Total Domination Episode 06!!!! 

This week in Totally Dominating News we discuss Ridley Scott’s Monopoly movie, the possibility of Danny Boyle coming back for 28 Months Later, and Joe Johnston directing The First Avenger: Captain America

The main topic this week is movie monsters, a topic of conversation we have been dying to talk about. This  is an interesting conversation about monsters that takes some very unexpected twists and turns. You will never see (or hear) any of this coming!

The movie of the week this go around is Godzilla Final Wars! This is the latest and “last” Godzilla film and also marks the 50th anniversary of the King of All Monsters. If you think the discussion on monsters was interesting, you’ve got another thing coming!

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See you next week on Total Domination!!!


One Response to “Episode 06: All Monsters Attack?”

  1. […] main topic of Episode 17 is a continuation of a topic from Episode 06, which was Monsters and Creatures. We have gathered a whole other group of monsters and creatures […]

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