Episode 08: Keep Your Power Gloves Off Her

SatanOur aspiring comedian and resident photographer Ryan is back this week and has a new little segment called “Ranting with Ryan.” His rant is only to rival the rants of Dennis Miller.

This week in Totally Dominating News we discuss Dolph Lundrgren’s role in Sylvester Stallone’s new movie “The Expendables,” some trouble at a McDonald’s, and sex in a prison ceiling

The main topic this week is Video Games That Took a Turn For the Worst. This is a topic conceived by Ryan while playing some intense NFL Blitz 2000 games. Some games discussed are Blitz, Sonic the Hedgehog, James Bond, and many more! Like many of our discussions as of late, it gets really out of hand.

To keep going with our theme of video games, the movie of the week this week is the 1989 classic “The Wizard.” This is the story of a young boy named Jimmy Woods who has suffered from a serious mental disorder ever since his twin sister died in a young age. One day, Jimmy discovers he has a natural talent for playing lots of video games. Jimmy and his two friends run away from home and hitch cross country in Los Angeles to compete in the ultimate video game championship. This is a film Ryan and Corey cherish from their childhoods and a film that Denis and Nick have never seen before, which makes for an intense review. 

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2 Responses to “Episode 08: Keep Your Power Gloves Off Her”

  1. That new logo is tight yall. I’m feelin this shit.

  2. xstraightxedgex Says:

    It is a sweet logo. Could use an X or two though eh?

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