Episode 13: Fighting Our Way Into The New Year

demolition23Welcome to the first Total Domination of 2009. Can you believe we are 13 episodes in now? Wow, 2008 was an exciting year for us here at Total Domination and we hope that 2009 is even better. We hope to continue to grow and continue to get more projects under our belt, but we couldn’t do any of this if it wasn’t for you, the listeners! So thank you for making 2008 a kick-ass year for Total Domination and continue to spread the word on 2009!

This week Denis decided to stay home and grieve over the loss by the Chicago Blackhawks in the extremely anticipated Winter Classic. So in his place is “Straight-Edge” Sarah, which oddly enough last time Denis wasn’t with us she was on the show. So this makes us believe that they are actually the same person….if you have any ideas on this subject, please email us at xtotaldominationx@gmail.com.

In Totally Dominating News we discuss a drug dealer who accepts gift cards, an 88 year old women giving “the squeeze,” and the consequences of talking during a movie.

For our main topic this week we decided to discuss the Most Memorable Fight Scenes. This discussion takes a some interesting turns because not only do we discuss fight scenes but we also have a “new segment” called Story Time with Nick and Captain Morgan. Also, “Straight-Edge” Sarah gets a little less “Straight-Edge” and slowly turns into a pervert.

The Movie of the Week this episode is The Foot Fist Way starring Danny McBride. The movie is about a Tae Kwon Do instructor named Fred Simmons who is really full of himself and blind to what is actually going on around him. You may have seen Danny McBride in such films as Hot Rod, Heartbreak Kid, Drillbit Taylor, Tropic Thunder, or Pineapple Exress. So if you enjoyed his performances in those movies, listen to our review and see if you want to check out The Foot Fist Way.

Also, we would like to thank everyone who has downloaded the show here or on iTunes. If you have downloaded us on iTunes you can subscribe and leave us a review, it would really help us out.

And once again, we encourage comments here on the site or you can send us an email at xtotaldominationx@gmail.com. And finally, we would like to thank Steve Swanson over at The MuppetCast, which can be found on iTunes or over at MuppeCast.com.

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So download the episode right here!! — TOTAL DOMINATION EPISODE 13

Lets Make 2009 the Year of Total Domination!!!


2 Responses to “Episode 13: Fighting Our Way Into The New Year”

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