10 Kick Ass Flicks of ’08 Part 1

By: Corey Orsini

l_683e17ad86f058bd8e0d332dc2e3c2ccThis year has been a great year to go to the movies. So many great movies have come out and made it very hard to pick any favorites. So instead of picking a definitive top 10, I have decided to 1) pick the movies I enjoyed the most and 2) just put them in order of release instead of in numeric order of how I judge them. Also, I have yet to have the chance to see Slumdog Millionaire, The Wrestler and Gran Torino; so I am not sure how good these films actually are.

(Before I get this list started I would like to mention some of the other films that came out this year that just barely missed my top 10: Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay, Son of Rambow, The Foot Fist Way, You Don’t Mess With the Zohan, The Incredible Hulk, Step Brothers, Pineapple Express, Burn After Reading, Dear Zachary, and Role Models.)

This movie had me hooked the second I saw the trailer. I had no clue what was going on and I just wanted to know more. The fact that director Matt Reeves and producer JJ Abrams kept everything about this movie a complete secret for so long was impressive enough. Then came in all the viral marketing with all the Slusho advertisements and Slusho website. Then in January it all came together….well most of it did. I say most of it did because even though we got to see the monster, we still don’t know where the hell it came from or what the hell it is. I loved the hand held/first person style of this movie and hope for some sort of sequel to find out more on this monster. I know if Reeves and Abrams are involved again it will not disappoint.

This had to be one of the most violent movies to come out in a long time. Honestly I cannot remember the last time I have seen a movie with so many people dying and so much bloodshed. Like Rocky Balboa, this was also a triumphant return by Sylvester Stallone. This goes to show, if a man puts his heart and soul into a movie and makes it exactly how he wants it, the film can turn out as amazing and bad ass as this one did. This also makes me excited for the next Rambo movie is developing and his upcoming film The Expendables (which already has an amazing cast).

Forgetting Sarah Marshall
I really love anything anyone associated with Judd Apatow has to offer, especially when its from his fellow Freaks and Geeks alumni. This is the first movie written by Jason Segal and featuring him in the lead role. This is also director Nicholas Stoller’s first time in the director’s chair. This movie has so many great moments and made me laugh so hard. This movie also has me excited for the new Muppet movie that Jason Segal is writing and Nicholas Stoller is directing, it will be very interesting seeing a Muppet movie from these two men. Actress Mila Kunis and Actor Russel Brand also are very great in this movie, both pretty much breaking out into film in their roles here. Also, Paul Rudd and Jonah Hill are absolutely amazing in there small, but vital roles.

Iron Man
All I really need to say is Robert Downey Jr. + Jon Favreau = fucking amazing! Both of these men kick so much ass and to put them together and let them make a bad ass superhero movie was genius. First, Robert Downey Jr. Has always been a bad ass who just a small slump in his career, but I think the film Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang really got his career going again and led him to explode with this role. As for Mr. Favreau, well I love all the movies he has acted in (especially Swingers) and I have enjoyed all the films he has directed so far, but this one tops them all. There is so much to say about how awesome this movie is and how much the sequel will kick-ass, even though they had a couple casting changes. I really hope they do an episode of Dinner For Five with the cast of this movie, it would be extremely interesting.

Most people love this movie, but have problems with the second half. I thoroughly enjoyed this entire movie from beginning to end. I understand that there is little to no talking in the first half of the movie and it is so amazing how an animated film can really captivate an audience, but I think the movie never lost anything once WALL-E and Eve go to the space station. Besides that, this movie looks absolutely beautiful and tells an amazing story. If there is anyone out there doubting it because it is animated, please do not be so closed minded and check out this movie, it will change your perspective on animated movies.

So come back next week for the rest of my 10 favorite flicks of 2008. Also, while your here check out the latest episode of Total Domination by clicking HERE!!!!!!


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