Episode 14: Wrestlecast

l_9b37b3b1ff70b1f60ce486070117bcefThis is Total Domination Episode 14 and the entire crew is here this week in full force. Not only is Denis back on the podcast, but we have a special guest. Our special guest this week is a good friend of the show, Ryan Davisson. He was the perfect guest for our first ever Wrestlecast, which I’m sure there will be more of.

This week in Total Domination News we discuss an Arabic man who was forced to remove his shirt, the 2009 Razzie Award Nominations, and the expanding of ‘The Expendables’

If you haven’t already guessed what the main topic this week is, well you might need some help. So if you do need some help, the main topic is Professional Wrestling! This is something that was huge part of our childhood and continues to entertain us today. We discuss the old (WWF, WCW, ECW), the new (WWE and TNA), and the independent (ROH and UWF). So if you are like us and love wrestling you will love this episode. If you are not the biggest wrestling fan you just might learn a thing or two.

As far as The Movie of the Week goes, well we watched The Rise and Fall of ECW, but instead of reviewing the documentary we decided to just incorporate it into our discussion of the main topic. Also, since our main topic is wrestling, we decided to have a Match of the Week and the match we watched was the infamous Hell in a Cell match with Mankind vs. The Undertaker.

Also, we would like to thank everyone who has downloaded the show here or on iTunes. If you have downloaded us on iTunes you can subscribe and leave us a review, it would really help us out. You can also contact us with any comments or questions at XTOTALDOMINATIONX@GMAIL.COM.

 And finally,  for all his help we would like to thank Steve Swanson over at The MuppetCast, which can be found on iTunes or over at MuppetCast.com.

If you do use iTunes, please subscribe to us here >>>itunes

So download the episode right here!! — TOTAL DOMINATION EPISODE 14



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