Episode 16: Change is Coming!!

page9With so much change going on, with the new year and new president, we also decided to have some change. So far the past 5-6 months have been extremely exciting here at Total Domination. We continue to grow each and everyday, but we feel there is a way to reach a broader audience. So this will be our last AUDIO episode of Total Domination, which means we will be switching over to video. The show will still be the same, but this gives us the opportunity to do so much more with not only the show, but other projects as well. So enjoy Total Domination Episode 16 and get ready for see us for the first time in Episode 17!!!

This week in Total Dominating News we discuss the birthday of a former NBA superstar and the Manitoba Bus Slaying.

The main topic of Episode 16 is our top 3 worst movies of all time. This was much harder to do than we thought. So this one took much time and thought to dig into our brains and remember the worst movies we have ever seen. Some will agree and others will be SHOCKED!

As for the Movie of the Week, we decided to go with a movie that is probably on many peoples worst movies list and that film is Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector. This movie has it’s moments, but for anyone who has seen it, you know the pain we have been through.

We thank everyone who has downloaded the show here or on iTunes. We hope you continue to enjoy the new version of Total Domination and with this we will no longer be on iTunes because out videos will be on YouTube. So you can now subscribe to us on YouTube at our channel. You can also contact us with any comments or questions at XTOTALDOMINATIONX@GMAIL.COM.

Also, download the episode right here!! — TOTAL DOMINATION EPISODE 16

Are you ready for change? We are!!


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