Episode 17 – All Monsters (Or Creatures) Attack II


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Before I write anything else, I would like to sincerely apologize for what I say about our biggest fan, Admiral Kyle Nelson, at the end of this episode. Just like we had Nick’s Story Time with Captain Morgan, well now its Corey’s Insults with Early Times. Once again, I am truly sorry and was out of line (and drunk).

Anyways, after a month of testing the waters with other options, we are back and on the attack! I am sure you missed us just as much as we missed you. We are still gonna have some videos posted on here, but the actual show will STAY a podcast. We are currently planning on making some shorts and a couple of films, so look for that on the site in the near future.

This week in Totally Dominating News we discuss a man gettin’ it on with a vacuum, a disappointing remake, and Samuel L. Jackson’s nine picture deal with Marvel.

The main topic of Episode 17 is a continuation of a topic from Episode 06, which was Monsters and Creatures. We have gathered a whole other group of monsters and creatures and determine once and for all which ones are monsters and which ones are creatures. Hey, did I mention monsters and creatures yet, because I don’t think I said it enough times. Anyways, sit back, relax, and enjoy the return of Total Domination!!!!

The Movie of the Week this episode is Clive Barker’s Nightbreed. Nightbreed is about a community of mutant outcasts of varying types and abilities attempts to escape the attentions of a psychotic serial killer and redneck vigilantes, with the help of a brooding young man who discovers them. 

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