Episode 18 – Admiral Nelson’s Revenge!

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What’s up everyone out there in podcastland! This is Total Domination Episode 18, which means we are legal! So in honor of our 18th episode, you should all go out and buy some cigarettes, porn, and lottery tickets! If you do, please take a picture or video of all three items and we will put it on website. Not only is this our 18th episode, but we have a returning guest and a brand new one. Our returning guest is Admiral Kyle Nelson back for revenge and our new comer is Kyle “Eagle Scout” Veranda.

This week in Totally Dominating News we discuss a hard working 15 year old, a mechanic taking a bet no man could deny, and talks about a certain T-1000.

The main topic for Episode 18 is the Worst Movie Villians. When we say worst we don’t mean how evil they are, we mean how shitty they are. Believe me we have some extremely shitty villains and some that are really up for debate. If you have any shitty villains we left out please email us at xtotaldominationx@gmail.com.

The Movie of the Week this time is one we have been dying to see and now the time has finally come! The movie we are talking about is the “best worst movie of all time” Troll 2! This movie is so bad and so amazing at the same time, words cannot even describe it. Hell, the movie isn’t even about trolls or a sequel to the first troll movie, it’s just called Troll 2. We strongly recommend seeing this movie, just go into it expecting absolutely nothing. Also, if you have seen this CLIP on the internet, then you know what to expect from Troll 2!!!!

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