Episode 19: Transforming Times. A podcast.

turok_dinosaurWelcome to xTotalDominationx, the x’s are crucial. I’m Nicky Tyranno. I believe we’ve met. If not, then hello! Where’ve you been all my life?

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Now , xTDx crew member Corey usually writes up these little reviews for each episode, (then I edit his grammar and get totally yelled at) (and then I, Corey, edit Nick’s grammar because he isn’t so perfect) but since other things in his life came up and conflicted with Total Domination’s rigorous recording schedule, he missed out this week. We run a pretty tight ship here, I don’t know if you’ve noticed this or not. Ryan also was absent from this episode, as he was attending a concert performance down in the dirty Urbana.

So what did this mean? This meant that the podcast was entirely up to Denis, myself and an assorted ensemble of special guests, some you’ve heard before and some making their XTotalDominationX debut. We discuss a lot of sweet things mature adults should care about; robots (more specifically, the transforming kind I hold so near and dear to my heart) dinosaurs, sports, adult entertainment and what happens when all of these things are forged together into an unholy hybrid creature, undoubtedly unsuited for life in this world.

The two individuals making their xTotalDominationx debut, Andrew Anderson and Michael McDowell heil from the infamous wizard rock band, Lord Voldi and the Dark Marks. They’ve played numerous Harry Potter conventions and venues where good music is appreciated. Their myspace page is here. These boys deserve a listen.

The Admiral Kyle Nelson also returns this week, and as always his reviews and television commentary can be found at Media Metric.

Also appearing, Zach Sutton, is drummer in The Human Energy Machine, or T.H.E.M. Their myspace page can be found here. The Human Energy Machine. Keep it bookmarked for future developments.

Kyle “Eagle Scout” Veronda is an eagle scout for life. He is really good at starting propane heaters in my cold ass basement, and his knowledge of transformers impresses even yours truly.

And Melissa, well, still undecided about that one.

So, look, listen and live. And until next week, yours truly,

-Nicky Tyranno

And remember, here at XTotalDominationx, the x’s are crucial.


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