Episode 20: R Place is Your Place

031909003233(FYI: Link to download this episode is at the end of the post)

Welcome to Total Domination Episode 20, which was recorded LIVE on location at R Place Restaurant in nearby Morris, IL!!! So if you want the full experience of this episode go to your local 24 hour diner, sit there, and listen to this episode. It will feel like you are right there eating with us! By the way, the picture you see here with Episode 20 was taken at R Place, just to give you a feel of how the town in which this fine restaurant exists.

I hope you enjoyed last week’s episode with the absents of me(Corey) and Ryan, because this week you are without Nicky Wittly Tyranno and Denis Burns. Nicky was not in the xTDx mood(which is fine) and Denis, well I don’t remember why Denis didn’t record with us. Anyways, joining me and Ryan this week for Episode 20 is The Eagle Scout and Melissa McGuire.

While we sat in the lovely establishment known as R Place we drank coffee (and water), ate some delicious gourmet meals and discussed some lovely topics. What are these lovely topics you may ask? Well, not to spoil the entire episode, I will only throw out a few of them and leave the rest a mystery. Some of the topics discussed are Stan Bush’s infamous song ‘The Touch’, some gut-busting movies, and the new action packed thrill ride known as ‘Race To Witch Mountain’ starring the super talented Dwyane ‘The Rock’ Johnson!

Sit back, relax, and enjoy Episode 20 of Total Domination. Please remember to subscribe on iTunes and leave us a kick ass review if you do! Also, the email address for any questions, comments, or ideas is xTotalDominationx@gmail.com!!!

Download the Episode 20 right here!! — TOTAL DOMINATION EPISODE 20

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One Response to “Episode 20: R Place is Your Place”

  1. Why don’t you guys pick on something shitty instead of Peter Jackson who is an incredible film maker. King Kong was a great movie, much better than the original. Peter Jackson is no joke, although your podcast is. Get Real.

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