Hey Joe

By : Ryan

So, back in Art school I knew this kid Joe. He was a dick. A reeeeal dick. But yet, I couldn’t help but love him. He was just so arrogant, trendy, and outrageous. He was the kind of kid that would hit on your girlfriend while you all were the same room. But yet it didn’t concern you or him. It may of concerned your lady, but whatever. Not important.
The man was from LA, and he let everyone know it. According to him nothing in Chicago was a good as how things are in LA. He brought this up everyday. The man would usually get high and say something offensive and everyone would laugh. Anyways, I haven’t spoken to the man in a few years, but I recently came across his blog. He is apparently back in LA, having a blast in what he might call ‘the greatest place on earth’. Send him some love.

Check it out here.


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