Jason Voorhees: A Mid-Story

JasonunmaskIn 1958 there was a mentally challenged boy at Camp Crystal Lake named Jason Voorhees, age 10. Even though he was a nice boy, all the other campers and counselor’s hated him. They didn’t even hate him because of his deformed look, but because of how good he was at every activity. Whether it be archery, running, or swimming; Jason was the best.

Jason’s mother Pamela Voorhees worked at the camp, mainly to keep an eye on here son, but she was one hell of a cook. So one day young Jason decided to play a cruel joke on his mother, not knowing the effect it would have on her. So as he went out for his daily swim, he acted as if he was drowning and because everyone hated him, no one came to his rescue.

His mother assumed he drowned and quickly blamed on the horny teen counselor’s of Camp Crystal Lake, but in reality her son was swimming across the lake to play an elaborate joke. You see Jason’s plan was to hide in the woods for a long time and then tell his mother, but on his way back he got lost and found a new family. So instead of telling her a couple days later, it took him 21 years.

Even though Jason was so good at certain things, he was only 10 years old and extremely mentally challenged. So Jason did not know how to find his way back to camp. This new family he met was a pack of wolves, who raised him and showed him the ways of life for the next 21 years.

The year is 1979, 21 years after Mrs. Voorhees killed 2 camp counselor’s to avenge her sons death. On this night, Jason, now roughly 31 years old, finally got the courage to go tell his mom about his funny prank, but as he ran to the beach to tell his mom, he witnessed her head being chopped off by a helpless victim.

Though we are all meant to believe Jason began killing as a form of revenge for his mother’s death, in reality he just wants to meet a girl. You see, in Jason’s head he is just normally talking to these girls whom he is chasing after, but the way it translates out is in the form of killing.

The man was raised by wolves, he just doesn’t know any better and when there is a full moon for some reason he decides to rape and murder. It seems so terrible, but in his mind he just wants a friend.

For a perfect example of what goes on inside the head of Jason, take a look at the character Shelly in Friday the 13th Part 3. It is like a mirror image of Jason Voorhees.


3 Responses to “Jason Voorhees: A Mid-Story”

  1. kawaii….si yo fuera jason lo primero q haria …despues de mata XD… darme un bune baño….y vestirme ocn algo mejor ……ya q lo robaria…..pero = es genial le da estilo….me encantaira ser su amiga….le daria todo mi cariño ,,,,… pasaria todo el tiempo junto a el….XD……

    cuidate jason
    cuidense uds…gracias….

  2. ¿Estás de broma? xD. Jason Voorhees es un mito en el cine de Terror, me encanta personaje tantísimo como Freddy Krueger. Ví el remake de la primera película y me encantó, espero y ojalá hagan las demás partes remakes.


  3. Juan Bellamy Says:

    My name is Juan and im a big fan of Friday the 13th. I watch this movie over the years. I love how Jason kills people in his movies.

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