xTDx Vlog 01

Here it is the very first Total Domination Vlog! In this first xTDx Vlog I (Corey) tell you a little about Total Domination if you are new to the site and review the Troma film Beware Children At Play.


2 Responses to “xTDx Vlog 01”

  1. Alex Dawson lent me that movie this past winter. It drags quite a bit in the middle, but the big action scene at the end was hilarious. I was so happy when they killed the hokey psychic lady. Bitch just had to say “deary” every sentence she spoke.

  2. Oh Yes Beware Children at Play!!! soo good, my sister and i rented that movie at Bob Bardash in channahon in the early 90s just because of the warning on the box. I love the chant the kids do “eat the heart gulp the blood gobble the bone” or something.

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