Tyranno Tease. A Toy review.

Welcome to my domain here at the XTDX, Tyranno Tease. I am of course, Nicky Tyranno. So yeah, here’s my segment to roam free and discuss toys and things associated with toys. While occasionally drinking some booze. It should be bad ass. The style will probably change, and after this one I’m changing the name to Tyranno Toys, but i look forward to doing more of these.

In this video, i discuss the Steal Crusher APV from the new G.I.Joe movie line. If you haven’t seen the movie you really should. In the video i state that if you haven’t seen it you’re probably dumb, but that’s not entirely true. You’re just missing out. Seriously. If you like the G.I.Joe cartoon and all its balls to the walls lunacy, you’ll love the movie. It had more depth than i was expecting and satisfied me on all levels. So, here’s me dicking around with my new toy, being classy as hell.



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