Kanye West : a slight rant

By: James

I obviously didn’t watch the MTV VMAs last night. Why would I do that? MTV doesn’t even play music videos, (do they?) so why should I care what videos they give awards to? It would be the same as watching The Food Network host a movie award show, why the hell should I care what they think? But I digress.

This is about that college dropout that we all love.

Either the man is a brilliant man, or a severely egotistical and clueless man – if not both.

For you see, (to my knowledge) his last album, 808s & heartbreak hasn’t really been that big of a hit. I mean, sure it has sold millions, but not many people have been talking about it, which is a change from his past three releases. There was a time when you could hear “Touch the Sky” or one of his many other hits no matter where you went. I don’t think the same has gone for this album. I couldn’t even tell you what if any hits have come from this release.

What this means is that the man has been out of the limelight, which is bad for his business and ego. I personally believe he realized this, and actively did something to change it. Therefore he interrupted Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech, and within minutes, every blog, news network, Twitter, and Facebook page had something to say about Kanye West. Even better, he was invited to appear on Jay Leno’s premiere(!) episode of his new 9PM show- where he apparently (haven’t watched) balled his eyes out. Which will get even more people, blogs, news organizations talking about him.

We are all just feeding this man’s ego. This was his plan. It is like a viral video that is just spreading everywhere. Mock him however you want, but it was a brilliant move. In my opinion, this kind of stunt shouldn’t fly. The best thing that could of been done was to just pretend it didn’t happen. Much like Wilson from Home Improvement, I am reminded of the phrase ‘if a tree falls in the woods and no one is around, does it make a sound?’. When this man took his fall, the best thing that could of been done was to just let it go. Why help this man sell albums and overpriced concert seats?

If he honestly just wanted to express his opinion of which video should of won in this matter at this time, then I feel sorry for him. In this case, my same logic applies. If Mr. West really thought that this is how and when he should express his opinion of which video is the best, then he has some serious problems and needs help. Thus, he should still not be discussed. A man that is this far ‘gone’ shouldn’t be televised. My best example of this would be a streaker at a sporting event. Imagine Solider field during a Bears game, a man sprints onto the field naked. The cameras cut away, and focus on anything else. The network has no reason to show this person doing this despicable act, as they don’t want to promote the man. It will just give that man, or any other person a reason to attempt the same act again. “I could get on TV, I am going to do that!”

Like the streaker at that Bears game, Kanye should of been escorted out of the venue and arrested for trespassing – not awarded and given more TV time and publicity.

Yes, I realize that writing about how everyone should stop writing about Kanye West is contradicting and makes me a hypocrite, but whatever. I felt that it needed to be said. I can’t be the only person that feels this way…

“Now I ain’t saying she a gold digger
But she ain’t messing with no broke niggaz”

I know you ain’t broke Kanye.

Also, Corey is going to bitch at me if I don’t mention the podcast. So, stay tuned for the next episode of xTotalDominationx, where the main topic is finally The Muppets. That is a joke.

PS. Nick if you are reading this, then you should edit this right now. I am not a writer, clearly.


2 Responses to “Kanye West : a slight rant”

  1. oyy, james, this was silly and very true.

  2. Admiral Kyle Says:

    James, you speak not only from the heart, but deep from your brain as well. I have never considered the dark underbelly of Kanye, and now I will never think of him the same again. Brilliant.

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