G.I.Joe. 80’s Propoganda? A blog post.


It always blew my mind, for a show based on military and war, how greatly G.I.Joe ignored the politics of war altogether. The Joes never had to deal with subcommittees and hearings. Congress did not apply to them. They did what they wanted and when they wanted.


But you know why no one cared? Because everything the Joes did was right. They never invaded someone that didn’t need it. They never stopped anything that they shouldn’t have. Which was the point.


What G.I.Joe did, whether on purpose or not, was to show war was always right. It should never be questioned. Why question something that is required? Villains were being bad, so the heroes acted. End scene. There was no asking permission, because the Joes always knew what to do.

They were given the ok. Like a license to kill was to James Bond, the right to do whatever the fuck they wanted was to G.I.Joe. Cobra was building a device that could teleport things everywhere, so the Joes did the same.

Who cares if they had to go to god knows where to retrieve elements necessary for the devices function in other countries. No one cared. Not even the countries. Cobra was messing around, so the Joes had to do the same. Usually Cobra had the world by its collective cajones, but still. The Joes had free pass. Heads of state everywhere trusted them to get shit done.


Now, in the world of G.I.Joe, that was fine. Cause, like i stated, Cobra was serious. But they were always serious. Every threat was insane. Every threat was the most horrible thing ever, which gave the Joes the right to act accordingly. In the real world, however, this is not the case. Every threat isn’t global, and every threat doesn’t gain support from everybody else. Cobra is fictional, and so are threats like that.

G.I.Joe never had to deal with the idea of too much force or effort, because cobra was equally absurd. They never had to deal with people saying no, because who the hell is going to say no to your attempt to reclaim the space station which was hijacked to create a giant electromagnetic black out?

The real world is not like this.

Yeah, i know.

Duh. gi_joe_poster_01

But imagine being a kid, or don’t because you were. And your first knowledge of the military was G.I.Joe. Wouldn’t you be pumped to sign up so you could battle threats to the world, far and wide? Let’s say you never really knew about the world in high school. You were busy doing your own thing, and you hear about all the sweet things the military can do for you? So you sign up, and then you see things are greyer than you expected. You hear people back at home complaining about what you’re doing, when all you wanted to do was help the world. You didn’t expect your government to short change you and the people you were saving to give you grief.


I’m not knocking on soldiers at all here. Far from it. Why would I hate on people who want to make the world a better place? Why would i hate on people’s desire to help others. Quick answer, I wouldn’t. My family has felt the brunt of war more than I’ll say here.

I would however, blame everyone who sugar coats war and makes it not as bad is it is to people not involved in it. G.I. Joe is guilty of this, even though i love it dearly. It is not reality, but it doesn’t change the fact that the good guys do whatever they want and no one gets in they’re way. And they never lose. And no one dies.

That’s fake.

Now, what am i saying?

Am i wanting G.I.Joe to become more serious? Hell no. PHOz4ROV2UhVSV_m

I loved the new movie because it was not what I thought it was going to be. As much as i hate the star wars comparison, it fits. Its fantasy. It can’t be taken seriously. Which is the way it should be.

But back in the 80’s, with the war on communism coming to a close but tensions a flame, i can’t help but contemplate how making the good guys super good and painting the bad guys as ridiculous, always dangerous and illogical glorified how war was in the eyes of kids everywhere. Hell, i almost wonder how many kids thought that our armed forces were being forced into fun houses or battling cloned supermen. Or robots. God damn robots.


All I’m saying is that G.I.Joe glorified war for children everywhere, and America’s role in the world. We were the policemen, and were always necessary. More force was better, because the enemy demanded it. What bothers me is when people who aren’t fictional characters play up our enemy as cobra and that we have to do whatever it takes to stop them. Whatever it may be. Invade, Torture. You know the drill.

But despite all this G.I.Joe rules and I love it will all of my being. What’s done is done and I can’t change what it was. Hell, maybe that explains why no G.I.Joe cartoons have caught on recently. Different political environment.



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