What is good? What’s bad? A blog post.


What makes something good? What makes something bad?

It varies from person to person. All of us have unique tastes. Especially when it comes to media. We all have our own
opinion of what is well done and what isn’t. It makes for interesting discussion. Bonds friendships. Makes life exciting.

What doesn’t, however, is when someone says an opinion and doesn’t explain it. How is one to agree or disagree if nothing is being proved? Or talked about?

I can’t agree if your reasons are skewed, or make no sense. Maybe people do this so they don’t have to actually risk the thought of their statement being made fun of. Or disproved. Or they’re lazy, in which case, keep that shit to yourself.


By saying what they think with no description of how they got to that conclusion, they can state their profound comment, and then move on.

This conversation would go like this.

“That sucks.”


“It just does.”

“But something has to make it suck?”

“Yeah, the fact that it sucks.”

This person can sound confident in their beliefs without doing anything else but saying it. Which comes off as knowledgeable, right?

Well, not to me.

If you can’t tell me why something sucks i don’t want to hear it. Why does someone rub you the wrong way? Don’t just tell me that it does.

I’d love to know.

Saying something is bad, means nothing to me. Oh great, its bad. But why? Maybe you just didn’t like it, but it was good. Maybe you didn’t enjoy it, so it was bad to you. But that doesn’t mean it was badly made. It could have good production, good sound. And so forth.


This is why i hate countless reviews. Its all subjective. And that’s fine. I don’t want things cut and dry. People are different. Which is why i want descriptions. Like, facts to back up your statement. Your thoughts. So I get a taste of where you’re coming from.

It helps me weed out the opinions that are worth a damn and the ones that my brain can filter out.

By naming reasons it becomes more of a discussion, and less a statement. I can support that.

Personally, I don’t care if people know what i think. My thoughts are mine, and worth a lot. I just don’t go around assuming everyone cares what i have to say. I don’t like time wasted, mine or other peoples.

Which, is what unexplained opinions do. No good. Not a fan.


Now, what I will do, is ask people to keep things to themselves if i haven’t seen the movie. Usually, I know this person. I know they’re tastes. I don’t need details. I know what gets them excited. But this comes out of knowing the person. If i don’t know what makes you pick things, then I’m left wondering. You’ll have to save your thoughts until after i see the movie.

Another reason I ask them not to explain,is because i hate spoilers. When I watch shit, i watch it for me. I want to get involved. Live through the characters. Evaluate the set design. Look at how the shot was framed. Look for social issues and problems that are being reflected in the art. See how the thing was put together. What plot point leads to where. And i want it to come from my head. That’s part of the fun for me. Being able to pick stuff out myself.

So i use all these things to judge a movie.

Now, what’s tricky is that depending on what movie i’m watching, I’m looking for different things. I’m an easy guy to please because I don’t take movies too seriously. I usually try and see what the thing is trying to do, what message its getting across, what it wants to do with itself. If its taking itself seriously, or if its going crazy because it wants to. Personally, if I’m entertained its a good movie to me. Even if it wasn’t meant to be what it was.


I think i would have loved film school. Oh well, pencils for me instead of reels.

The only movies i hate are boring ones. Like, despise. If i give you my time, you better fucking entertain me, if not, suck it.

Which is why when i say i enjoy movies others might find subpar, or ridiculous, or lame, i don’t care. I enjoyed myself. Usually their tastes aren’t mine and they were being too rigid. Or expectations were high. Who knows. All i know is that when I see a flaming ghost cranium riding a two wheeler telling the men in blue they’re number one, or Roger rabbit’s detective flying down a tube on a goomba mattress, i’m thrilled.


So, what am I saying here?

Explain your opinions. Show some thought. It doesn’t hurt. Oh and especially if you’re on the internet. I’m looking at you, message board people.



3 Responses to “What is good? What’s bad? A blog post.”

  1. mr. wyoming Says:

    i would have to agree good sir

  2. xstraightxedgex Says:

    I will have to agree

  3. Good post, the points you call to attention are thought provoking.

    signed cheese puff

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