Episode 54: Cody’s Corner II

He’s back!!! Yes, you guessed correctly, the one, the only, Cody Wyoming is back on Total Domination. After his small absence, he has returned for winter break to bring us some holiday joy! But not only is Cody back, but also Danime and Straight Edge Buhle are in the house as well!

Well, since Cody is back, we decided to once again visit that deep, dark part of the of the xTDx legacy that is Cody’s Corner. The things Cody has in store for you this week might actually be worse than the last time!

Also making a comeback this week is THE MOVIE OF THE WEEK!!!!! This week since Christmas is coming up this week, we watched the 1987 television special A Muppet Family Christmas!!! The plot involves Doc (from Fraggle Rock) escaping life on the seashore to spend the holidays in the forest. The country house he chooses to stay at happens to be owned and operated by Fozzie Bear’s mother, who is renting the house to Doc because she is going to Malibu for Christmas. When Fozzie comes home for the holidays, bringing all his Muppet friends with him, everyone gets snowed in and the chaos and insanity normally associated with The Muppets ensue.

In Totally Dominating News we discuss a drunk Santa, a 98 year old murderer, and a toilet baby.

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