Episode 56: 3, It’s The Magic Number

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! This is the first Total Domination of 2010 and we are hear to kick the new year off with a bang! In this week’s episode our main topic is the dreaded 3rd movie! If you have listened before, you may remember that Cody Wyoming hates and i mean HATES most 3rd movies. In fact to him the worst movie ever would be a 3rd movie, that took place in the desert and all of a sudden introduced time travel. So, if anyone wants to make a movie with all those elements, please do. Anywho, sit back, relax, and enjoy as we discuss the likes of Spider-Man 3, Back To The Future 3, Alien 3, and many more!

In Totally Dominating News we discuss the Top 10 Most Viewed Trailers of 2009, Facebook blackmailing, and good luck blow jobs.

Oh! And here is a video of a horse getting hit by a rally car!!

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